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Unconventional Real Estate Investments That Will Make You Money In Fort Myers

Many investors choose to mix up their portfolio with some unconventional real estate investments. Which is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about some of the best real estate investments available in the Fort Myers area!

As a real estate investor, it is important to diversify our portfolio. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is never a wise choice. And by diversifying, you might find a niche you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, which could end up being your path to abundant financial success. Don’t rule anything out until you look at the pro, cons and the numbers.

Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental industry is huge. With sites like Air BnB and VRBO, people are cashing in on hosting travelers. Many people prefer to feel at home when they travel as opposed to a bland hotel. Travelers can have the use of a kitchen, a yard, and have some space… not having to worry about the people above or below them making a racket all night. You can decorate and personalize the house however you wish, even offering gift baskets or treats upon arrival. Most rentals can cover the mortgage payment with just one week of renters. This leaves the rest of the month as a profitable time. You could even choose to use the property yourself!

Mobile Homes

The mobile home market presents a lucrative opportunity, particularly for investors in Fort Myers. Its appeal lies in the lower cost of homes, making it accessible to a broader range of investors. However, success in this niche requires a keen awareness of various considerations. These include not only the standard maintenance and repair tasks associated with any property investment but also the unique challenges such as lot rent. Despite these factors, the mobile home market offers significant potential for profit and growth for savvy investors in Fort Myers, provided they navigate its nuances wisely and capitalize on its opportunities.

Mobile Home Parks

Investing in an entire mobile home park rather than individual units can offer investors a range of advantages. By collecting lot rent from multiple tenants, the potential for substantial profits increases significantly, often with minimal overhead costs. While there are maintenance responsibilities such as landscaping and upkeep of common areas, the overall workload remains relatively low compared to managing individual properties. However, it’s crucial to have comprehensive liability insurance to mitigate potential risks, such as lawsuits stemming from tenant injuries on the premises. This investment strategy offers a promising avenue for passive income generation, provided prudent risk management measures are in place.


While land may lack the immediate allure of developed properties, it presents a unique investment opportunity often underestimated by many. Its perceived dullness can be turned into a lucrative advantage. By capitalizing on the relative lack of interest in land, astute investors can acquire parcels at favorable prices, poised to yield substantial returns in the future. Moreover, the versatility of land allows for various income streams. Depending on its location and zoning regulations, land can be leased out for diverse purposes such as parking space for events or recreational activities like hunting if the size permits. This ability to adapt to different needs enhances the land’s value proposition and underscores its potential as a savvy investment choice.


Investing in agricultural land presents a multifaceted opportunity for individuals seeking stable returns and long-term growth. Beyond the potential appreciation of the land itself, investors can tap into additional revenue streams by leasing the land to farmers, who often seek out nearby plots for expansion or seasonal cultivation. This proximity to existing farms not only enhances the property’s desirability but also streamlines the process of finding tenants or buyers should the need arise. Furthermore, the enduring demand for agricultural products ensures a consistent market for both land and produce, offering investors a resilient asset class amidst economic fluctuations. Whether as a hands-on farmer or a passive landowner, agricultural land stands as a fertile ground for financial prosperity and sustainable investment.

Distressed Properties

Distressed properties are owned by people who can no longer take care of them. Whether they can no longer afford the mortgage or the property needs work, distressed properties can lead to big profits. Sell My House Now USA works with distressed sellers all of the time, creating win-win situations that will benefit them, us and you as well! We pay great prices to people who need to sell quickly. We make the process convenient for them which in turn allows us to purchase the property below retail. They save on commissions and fees, and we save on the overall price. In turn, we resell these properties to fellow investors at excellent prices.

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