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3 Reasons Why Land Should Be Your First Fort Myers Real Estate Investment

It’s a simple fact that there just won’t be more land than there already is. Hence, the supply is limited, and because the population is increasing, land will always be in demand, making it an excellent investment. Be sure you’ve done your homework, make certain the land is accessible by road, and there will be access to utilities. You will also want to be sure that the owner can use it for the purpose intended, considering zoning laws and possible environmental protections that could be of issue. 

Land offers various investment opportunities from single-family to multi-family, commercial and agricultural, and even land for infrastructure. Depending on the type of land you’re interested in and the location, land is generally much more affordable than a developed property. Just remember, no matter what kind of real estate you’re buying, location is the first key to success, followed closely by the price, as the two most important factors for real estate investors. 

Read on to learn three reasons why land should be your first Fort Myers real estate investment. 


As a novice in the realm of investments, focusing on land as your initial foray into real estate in Fort Myers can be a prudent choice. The inherent nature of land as a stable and consistently demanded asset allows it to appreciate steadily over time, offering you the opportunity to witness its value grow. This gradual appreciation is a key factor that makes land an ideal starting point for your investment portfolio. With strategic acquisition in a prime location at an opportune price point, you may even realize a substantial profit in as little as a decade.

Contrary to popular belief, the increase in property values over time does not necessarily indicate a corresponding rise in the value of buildings themselves. Instead, it primarily signifies the escalating worth of the land due to its favorable location. Unlike land, buildings typically depreciate over time, necessitating continuous maintenance to retain their value. Hence, when evaluating the appreciation of real estate investments, it’s crucial to recognize that the rising numbers are primarily reflective of the land’s increasing value rather than the structures on it.


In the realm of real estate, the focus often gravitates toward the housing market, leaving the land market somewhat overlooked. This oversight presents a unique opportunity for savvy investors eyeing Fort Myers‘s real estate landscape. With relatively low competition, investing in land emerges as a strategic move, offering a less turbulent entry point compared to the frenzied bidding wars often seen in the housing market. This environment allows investors to secure properties at prices closer to their actual market value, setting a solid foundation for building a diverse real estate portfolio. Whether you’re envisioning future developments or seeking a source of passive income in retirement, investing in land presents a promising avenue worth exploring.

The allure of land investment in Fort Myers extends beyond its financial prospects; it also provides a canvas for realizing your real estate ambitions. Without the constraints of existing structures, land offers a blank slate for creative development projects. Whether your vision involves residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments, investing in land empowers you to shape Fort Myers‘s evolving skyline. Additionally, the relatively low initial investment required for land acquisition makes it an accessible option for aspiring real estate investors, offering a tangible entry point into the world of property investment.


Undeveloped land is relatively simple to own, which is a great reason why land should be your first Fort Myers real estate investment. You don’t have to wear all of the hats of a landlord, and there are generally little to no maintenance costs. Your investment in the land is secured by the state of the land, in its natural form; no one can steal it by picking up your land and walking away. You won’t have mortgage payments, and typically you’ll pay very little in insurance and taxes. Often, the transaction can be virtual, with the advances in technology making it even easier.

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