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3 Steps To Selling Your Property Via A Rent To Own Agreement In Fort Myers

Selling your property via a rent to own agreement is an excellent way to easily get the price you want for your Fort Myers house. The process is simple and you’ll likely be able to find a buyer right away, even your current tenant! Learn more about how to set it up in our latest post!

Homeowners in Fort Myers are increasingly opting to sell their properties via a rent-to-own agreement for numerous compelling reasons. This approach offers several financial benefits, especially if immediate cash isn’t a necessity. By allowing buyers to rent the property with the option to purchase it later, sellers can secure a steady income stream while potentially fetching a higher selling price in the future. Additionally, this method can attract a larger pool of potential buyers, including those who may not qualify for a mortgage immediately but are committed to eventually owning a home. Below, we outline seven essential steps to successfully sell your property through a rent-to-own agreement in Fort Myers, ensuring you maximize these financial advantages while providing flexible purchasing options to prospective buyers.

Step #1 – Find The Right Tenants

When entering into a rent-to-own agreement with a potential buyer, it is crucial to ensure that the individual is someone you know and trust. This level of trust is essential because if your ultimate goal is to sell the house, you don’t want to face the disappointment and financial strain of the deal falling through when the lease period concludes. Since you are postponing the receipt of your funds to achieve the desired price, it is important to work with someone who is reliable and committed to following through with the purchase. If you already have a great, long-term tenant, they might be the ideal candidate to consider for a rent-to-own arrangement, as their established relationship and consistent history with you can provide a sense of security and confidence in the transaction.

Step #2 – Run The Numbers

As a seller, you are sacrificing immediate cash for a long term gain, so you will want to make sure it’s worth it. How much will you need upfront as a deposit? What about an option fee? You’ll need to figure out what you’ll need to charge in rent each month in order to make it worth it for you. You’ll need to determine which costs will be passed on to your tenants and which costs you will still need to manage. As you will still technically be the owner of the house during the lease period, you’ll ultimately be responsible for taxes and insurance. Make sure the monthly rent you are changing can cover these amounts!

With a rent to own agreement, the sale price is typically locked in at the time of purchase. However, in some cases, a tenant will agree to purchase at the market value at the time of the actual sale. While you run the risk of your home value dropping, you might also be able to get a higher price when all is said and done. If your tenant agrees to this, it is something you will want to consider!

Step #3 – Agree On Terms

When executing a rent-to-own agreement, it is crucial for both the buyer and seller to reach a consensus on numerous terms and conditions. This comprehensive agreement encompasses various aspects, from the purchase price and rental payments to maintenance responsibilities and eventual ownership transfer. Ensuring clarity and mutual understanding on all these points is essential to prevent future disputes. Therefore, before signing on the dotted line, it is highly recommended to have an attorney meticulously review the contract. Legal professionals can identify potential issues and ensure that the agreement complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Even the smallest mistake in your contract could have a significant impact on your ability to sell on the terms you had planned. Overlooking a minor clause or misinterpreting legal jargon can lead to unforeseen complications, potentially jeopardizing the entire transaction. An attorney’s review can safeguard your interests by highlighting any ambiguous or problematic sections and suggesting necessary revisions. This precautionary step not only protects both parties but also enhances the overall stability and fairness of the rent-to-own arrangement, providing peace of mind and a smoother path to homeownership.

A few of the financial details you will want to cover include:

  • Will there be a down payment?
  • How much will the rent be each month?
  • How much if anything, will go toward the buyers down payment?
  • How long before a purchase is required?
  • Who will be responsible for taxes, maintenance?
  • What happens with a default?

Spelling everything out as clearly as possible from the get-go will save you from any disagreement and frustration during the lease process and when it’s time to officially sell. When handled correctly, a rent to own agreement is a great way for a homeowner to sell their house in Fort Myers.

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