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How to Sell your house without using a Realtor or Real Estate Agent in Fort Myers

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Christian Fautz:
Hi, this is Christian Fautz with Core Real Estate Properties. Today I’m going to talk about a secret, shhh. It’s called the Home Selling Secret people are taking advantage of in Fort Myers, Cape Coral area. A lot of people, they think of selling their house, they think of the traditional method of selling their house, which we call retail selling. That’s where you find an agent, you get pictures, you put your house on the MLS, and then before you know it, somebody knocks on your door, they come to an open house, and your house is being sold. We all know that is not the traditional process and how things actually flow to get from the time you list your house to where you sell your house.

So today I’m going to talk a little bit about this famous secret that everybody is talking about in Southwest Florida. What it is is it’s selling your house directly to a professional home buyer, such as our company, Core Real Estate Properties. A lot of people have this misnomer or impression that people that buy houses professionally offer pennies on the dollar, which is not the case. Most companies like ours, at least reputable ones, put in a fair offer. They’re obviously looking to get the house at a discount and build in a profit for them, but in return, there’s a lot of certainties that the seller is getting. Also too, when you look at the finances at the end of the day, there’s not really a huge difference between what you would be receiving from a home buyer to what you’d be netting after your sale.

The reasons why are A, there’s no commission. You’re not paying whatever your commission rate is, 5, 6%, 7%. There’s no standard rate. So you have to take that in consideration. You have closing costs that are involved. You have agent fees. There’s also no listing costs as well. There’s no marketing expenses. Whether you go through a realtor or whether you do it yourself, you have marketing expenses, whether they’re flyers, signs, things of that nature to promote your property. Most importantly, there’s no repairs. A lot of time, realtors or yourself, if you list it as a for sale by owner, you’re going to need to make repairs. Whether it’s new bathrooms, new kitchen cabinets, whether it’s landscaping or painting your house, freshening it up.

Other benefits, you get to plan ahead. When you deal with a professional home buyers, such as Core Real Estate, you know we have a scheduling date set, and it’s usually anywhere from 25 to 45 days out. So you can plan ahead where you’re going to be moving. There’s no stress involved. You’re not worrying when the buyer’s going to come along, who wants to contract your house, so there’s no waiting. Also, you don’t have strangers trampling in and out of your house, looking at your personal stuff, fluffing up your pillows for an open house.

When you deal with a professional home buyer, we’re coming in, we’re doing an inspection, we’re making an offer, we’re agreeing on a price, and we’re closing. So it’s pretty, pretty straightforward process. So I just wanted to share that with everyone today, this secret that’s going on about some different ways that you can sell your house in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area. If you’d like to learn more about us, visit us at sellmyhousenowusa.com, or email me, christian@corerealestateproperties.com. Thank you.
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