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5 Reasons Why it is Better Sell Than Refinance Your Home in Fort Myers

If you’re considering refinancing your home, depending upon the reasons and the timing in your life and many other circumstances that come into play, selling just may be a better option for you. We will explore 5 reasons why it is better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers.


Equity is the portion of the home you actually own that is free of any mortgage note or other legal financial obligation associated with the property. It represents the difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe on your mortgage. Building equity is a gradual process, often achieved through regular mortgage payments and increases in the property’s market value.

The exit strategy for any property should be considered at the time of purchase. This involves planning how and when you intend to sell the property to maximize your financial return. It is wise to update your exit strategy based on the current market conditions, moving when the price is at a high. In this way, you can reap the most advantage from the equity you have built up over time. Real estate markets can be unpredictable, and timing your sale to coincide with a seller’s market can significantly enhance your financial gain.

Hesitating or holding out for a better price could allow the opportune moment to pass by and mean you are actually losing equity. Market conditions can change rapidly, and what seems like a minor delay could lead to a significant reduction in the value of your property. This is a significant reason why it is often better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers. Selling allows you to fully capitalize on the equity you have accrued, whereas refinancing might only provide temporary relief and could come with additional costs and risks. Therefore, understanding market trends and making timely decisions are crucial to optimizing the financial benefits of your home equity.

Changing Needs

Perhaps you bought a starter home and you find you and your family have outgrown the property as it currently sits. Often, it is much simpler to buy a new home that is built to suit your needs than to attempt to renovate or make additions to your current property. Major remodeling projects often lead to the discovery of serious and extremely expensive issues and is a huge reason why it is better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers, especially on homes that are older or in a state of disrepair. You could literally save thousands of dollars and months of time by moving upward and onward to begin with. You can avoid inspections and appraisals by selling directly to Sell My House Now USA.

Current Income

Income can change unexpectedly, and you may find yourself carrying the financial burden on a home that is suddenly more than you can afford. If the change appears to be permanent, you may want to consider selling instead of refinancing, which may only prolong the inevitable. This is one reason why it is better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers. By selling now, you can pay off your existing mortgage while stepping into a more affordable property. This will also lower your annual property taxes, saving you even more money over the long term. Furthermore, selling your home and purchasing a less expensive one can provide a buffer against future financial instability. By reducing your monthly obligations and building up savings from the equity of your sold property, you create a financial cushion that can help manage other unexpected expenses or income fluctuations. Additionally, moving to a more affordable home can reduce maintenance costs, utility bills, and potentially insurance premiums, contributing to overall financial stability and peace of mind. In essence, selling rather than refinancing offers a strategic way to re-align your financial commitments with your current income, promoting long-term financial health and reducing the stress associated with an unsustainable mortgage.


Often due to circumstances beyond your control, you may find yourself facing serious debt issues. For some homeowners, instead of taking on more debt by refinancing, you may be able to settle your debt with enough equity remaining to finance a less expensive housing option. Overwhelming debt may mean it is actually better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers before your credit becomes adversely affected. Carrying too much debt can also mean that you may be unable to qualify for more credit. Should a lender take the risk and approve you for a loan, it is likely that you will be paying exorbitant interests, meaning you are actually losing any money you could possibly build in equity over the same time period. Moreover, selling your home can provide immediate relief from financial pressure, allowing you to pay off your debt entirely and avoid the long-term consequences of high-interest rates that come with refinancing. This decision can also provide the opportunity to downsize to a more affordable living situation, reducing your overall financial burden and helping you regain financial stability. By taking proactive steps to manage your debt through the strategic sale of your property, you can protect your credit score from further damage and set a foundation for more sustainable financial health in the future.


The long-lasting effects on your credit of late or even missed payments are another reason why it is often better to sell than refinance your home in Fort Myers. As time passes and your credit worsens, your credit rating will drop and some of your debtors may increase the interest you are paying on existing lines of credit. Especially if you find yourself nearing foreclosure. It is extremely important to face your troubles head-on and act quickly. Foreclosure can be a devastating experience, both personally and financially, appearing on your credit history for seven years.

The bottom line is, it may be better for you to sell directly to Sell My House Now USA right now than refinance your home in Fort Myers. Whether your reasons are financial or because your property just isn’t the right home for you any longer, by selling now, you will end up ahead of the game. By working with Sell My House Now USA, there is no lingering around, waiting for the right buyer with the right offer.  Let a professional from Sell My House Now USA take the weight off of your shoulders, ensuring your needs are met in the transaction. At Sell My House Now USA, we take the time to listen and are willing to meet your needs. The experts at Sell My House Now USA are always more than happy to explain every step of the process. We’ve helped many other people through this process. At Sell My House Now USA we have a team of reliable professionals who can handle everything for you and are readily available to support you from the start through to the final day of closing. Why not let Sell My House Now USA answer any questions or concerns you may have and help solve your problems? Just send us a message or call Sell My House Now USA at (239) 360-3176 today!

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